Cambodian Travel Partner

Cambodian Travel Partner




Cambodian Travel Partner is a travel organization that offers groups and individuals tailormade travel packages. We are a new and energetic organziation but have years of experience operating tours in Cambodia.

“We” and “the organization” are Lily and Andre. Lily was born and raised in Cambodia, Andre has been living in Cambodia for 10 years now. During this time we have seen Cambodia change from a small destination that was famed only for its temples and the horrible history of Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge to a destination that offers people multiple wonders and travel experiences for those with different interests.

Cambodian Travel Partner knows Cambodia has much more to offer than temples and a harsh history. The country boosts pristine nature, stretched white sand beaches, and people that genuinly are friendly and curious. Our goal is to combine the highlights of the country and the diversity of the “other faces of Cambodia”.

We create travel programs for you that meet your every need, desire and wish combined with the level of comfort and pace you require. Our tours are very flexible, giving you the ultimate freedom to adapt to any situation and ensuring that you feel at any time appreciated and at ease.

Kampong Kleang