Volunteer Travel

Volunteer Travel

We are a group of local people who initiated an idea to help to provide support services to overseas volunteers, creating placements and supervising volunteers within these placements for the benefit of VolunteerTravel and Cambodian children. VolunteerTravel has been setup since July 01, 2006 by Mr. Lim and his 5 other team members.

The VolunteerTravel is a program to works with volunteers from all over the world, especially those who would love to work with Cambodian schools, educational projects, conservation projects, orphanages and other similar organizations. Our idea is to use the volunteers previous work experience, culture and energy and skills to develop and share new and fresh ideas with the Cambodian people. VolunteerTravel is designed primarily for college students, recent graduates and committed tourists, though there is no age limit to volunteering!

VolunteerTravel aims to

provide links and support for potential volunteers anywhere in Phnom Penh and other provinces,

      – build and maintain links with a wide variety of groups that benefit from volunteers,

      – help volunteers gain valuable work experience and knowledge of the Khmer culture,

      – through our volunteer network provide sustainable support and help for the Cambodian (Khmer) people,

      – organize a safe and enjoyable stay for our volunteers in Cambodia.


Volunteer Travel

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